Weekly Workout Recap (11/11-17)

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Gotta make sure to stay on top of the workouts!


I sat around the house most of the day and by 4:00 felt the need to get out and stretch my legs. Rarely do I run two days in a row but I figured the “warm” 60 degree temps were short lived so I might as well take advantage.

Z was still off at National Guard drill so I did our usual route solo (not as fun).

I’m not happy that the sun sets at 4:30 these days, but for scenery purposes I’ll allow it.

11 11 run thumb Weekly Workout Recap (11/11 17)

11 15 2012 11 01 38 am thumb Weekly Workout Recap (11/11 17)

DISTANCE: 2.3 mi     TIME: 22:46     PACE: 9.9 min/mi


Not that I don’t already have enough blogs to read but I recently started following another called “Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.” It’s written by Courtney, a personal trainer living in Upstate, NY.

Z and I decided to try one of her circuit workouts.3 2 1 Sweaty Circuit2 thumb Weekly Workout Recap (11/11 17)

At first 45-seconds didn’t seem like very long and I was breezing through. It quickly caught up to me though as I went directly from one move to the next. I enjoyed the combination moves such as lunges WITH bicep curls. Two exercises for the price of one!


Dance day! Unlike last week I had a functioning neck and it was good to be able to fully participate again.

We did a new leap combination that ended with this:


Last week I received the following email from Bikram Yoga Baltimore:

image thumb7 Weekly Workout Recap (11/11 17)

Free for Z? Awesome! In addition drop-ins for their Friday classes are only $10. We had been talking about going for awhile now so this was a great reason.

Hot yoga is truly a unique experience. I sometimes find it hard to believe that I voluntarily expose myself to 105 degree temperatures for 90 minutes all while challenging every muscle in my body during a series of 26 postures….but it is SO good. The warmth of the room warms your muscles allowing the opportunity for greater stretching.

bikram yoga poses Weekly Workout Recap (11/11 17)


Word to the wise: Drink, drink, drink. I make it a point to to hydrate myself adequately the day of the class knowing that I will be sweating most of it out. That being said drink, drink, drink once class is done. Dehydration will sneak right on in if you don’t.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever tried hot yoga? If not would you ever be crazy enough to do so?

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