K’s Faves: Red Star

My go-to restaurant in Fells Point is Red Star. Z and I have eaten there many a time and never tire of it. It’s also become the place we take out of town guests.

image thumb Ks Faves: Red Starbiglink Ks Faves: Red Star  There are a few reasons why I consider it to be a winner:

The Location

Sitting just off of the main bar/shop area in Fells, Z and I can literally walk out our front door, turn the corner and be there in a block and a half stroll.

image thumb1 Ks Faves: Red Star

The Atmosphere

The décor is a mixture of exposed brick and wooden beams which makes it unique. You can grab a drink at the bar, share appetizers at the high tables, or sit down to dinner in a cozy booth or table.

image thumb2 Ks Faves: Red Star


The Drinks

They have plenty of drink specials throughout the week.

image thumb3 Ks Faves: Red Star

Some days you just need to relax over a glass of wine. For $4.50 you can do just that!

I usually go with a glass of house wine (I enjoy their stem-less wine glasses, so functional). Last time I got the pinot noir and while it was good, it didn’t wow me. Next time I’m sticking with white. Z always takes advantage of the $3 drafts and gets a “Black and Tan”—a combination of Guiness and Bass.

009 thumb Ks Faves: Red Star

We were last there on a Thursday which is $5 sangria night. It’s been hit or miss for me with sangria lately as the last few I had have been overly sweet…basically sugar with a hint of wine. The Red Star version? Fantastic. Just the right ratio.

014 thumb Ks Faves: Red Star

The Food

In the years that I’ve been going I’ve sampled quite a number of their dishes.

They offer salads, flatbread pizzas, burgers and sandwiches as well as a few larger entrees.

My usual:

image thumb4 Ks Faves: Red Star

The salad is a decent size and so tasty. I definitely recommend.

This past week though I stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered something new! The California Wrap: grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, cucumber, spinach (I asked them to leave off the garlic hummus). All accompanied by a side salad. Very good!

011 thumb1 Ks Faves: Red Star

Z is a fan of their French Dip. I had a bite and can see why! The absolute best part of any meal at Red Star though: the sweet potato fries. They are to die for.

010 thumb Ks Faves: Red Star

The Recommendation

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Fells Point, definitely check out Red Star. Just be aware that they seem to have a big happy hour crowd so the limited tables they have can fill up fast. Get there early to get a seat. If there’s a wait, no big deal, just grab a drink at the bar in the mean time.

I leave you with this fun little fact from their website

image5 Ks Faves: Red Star

2 Thoughts on “K’s Faves: Red Star

  1. I concur… I like going there!

  2. Kristi on February 5, 2013 at 3:14 pm said:

    Me, too!! It was delicious and I, too, love the decor.

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