Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

Z and I have made it a goal to experience more of Baltimore. Whether it’s trying out a new restaurant, attending a festival or performance, or simply stopping in a shop we’ve never been in. There’s so much of this city which we have yet to explore!

Our most recent “experience Baltimore” excursion was to Teavolve. It is a café/lounge/restaurant in Harbor East. biglink Explore Baltimore: TeavolveDespite being there for years, and passing it each and every day, I have never once stopped in.teavolve harbor east thumb Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

Z and I had a run on the agenda so I specifically planned out a 4 mile route around the harbor and back which would have us ending at Teavolve.

167 thumb Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. At first I thought it was a coffee shop-esque type of establishment, but quickly realized it was much more.

168 thumb1 Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

Teavolve not only offers tea (of course) but a selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well.

image thumb21 Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

We were just there for the drinks, so we went right up to the bar and placed our order. I wanted something cool and caffeinated (and within the realm of my Low FODMAP rules). Our server recommended one of their “freshly infused iced teas.” It sounded good, but what sold me where the flavor options:

image thumb22 Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

In the end I chose the lime blossom iced green tea and it hit the spot. Light, refreshing, with a noticeable hint of lime.

As you can see, I loved it so much I felt it worth of an Instagram post when we got home…image thumb23 Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

Z was craving a blended drink and ultimately went with a spiced chai, a thick tea shake. I took a taste and wow was it good.

173 thumb Explore Baltimore: Teavolve

There were lots of other amazing sounding beverages as well including lattes, fruitea smoothies (fruit puree and green tea), house-made sparkling green teas, and signature drinks with names like “Mango-Matcha Madness” and “Chocoholics Hot Chocolate.”

I’m so glad that we stopped in and got to experience another Fells Point gem. Z and I are already planning on a date night here to see if the food’s as good as the tea. Stay tuned!

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