Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

Last week at Target I was stocking up on animal crackers, like I usually do, when I noticed something on the bag:

009 thumb3 Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

Free stuff? What???

So I flipped it over to investigate further:

007 thumb2 Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

Oooo, send it proof of purchase and get gift cards? Yes please! I needed details. A trip to the Stauffers website was clearly in order.

image thumb24 Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

As part of their new “Play Like an Animal” campaign they are offering rewards in exchange for UPCs from their products. With the amount that Z and I buy we would probably buy stock in the company at this rate. Nevertheless the campaign goes through the end of the year so we certainly have time to rack up the points.

So you may be asking yourself, what can you actually get?

My eye immediately was drawn to this little gem. You know how much I love little containers! And only 10 UPCs? Come on, that’s child’s play.

image thumb25 Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

For the more serious fanatics, like ourselves, 20 UPCs can get you a $10 gift card to use anywhere!

image thumb26 Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

The highest amount offered is a $25 gift card to Kohl’s or AMC Theaters for 40 UPCs. That sounds nice but I’m still all about the little container.

The take home message from this is:

1) Yes, I’m obsessed with animal crackers, but we all already knew that.

2) We buy them all the time anyway, so now it’s exciting that we can get free stuff in return.

We’ve already collected 4…watch out Stauffers, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.

062 thumb1 Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

2 Thoughts on “Eat Animal Crackers, Get Things Free?

  1. I’m such a container person too; I have a wonderbread sandwich box that I’m absolutely in love with :) And I’m totally with ya on the animal cracker front too.. They’re pretty much a permanent fixture on my shopping list!

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