Finding Motivation When You’ve Lost It

Finding Motivations – Recently I was approached by a friend seeking advice on the best ways to maintain workout/healthy eating motivation. This can be tricky especially during times when you don’t feel like you’re seeing results.

finding motivitions

I think many people out there can relate, including myself. Are there days when I don’t want to work out? YES. I sometimes have entire weeks where my motivation is simply lacking. Planting myself on the couch the minute I get home is the only thing I want to do.

While I wish I had some sort of all encompassing magic solution, here are the things that I use to keep me going:

Schedule Workouts into Your Week


At the start of each week, along with my meal plan, I jot down workout goals as well. My work shifts change on a daily basis so I look at the hours I’m scheduled and then figure out the best times to get workouts in. I personally aim for two strength days, two runs and a dance class each week. This may not always happen but it’s at least a goal.

Have An Accountability Partner I’m thankful to have Z to keep me accountable. For example, we regularly have conversations such as the following:

Z: You want do a workout?

K: No….but yes…

He motivates me and keeps me going. He picks me up from work already dressed in his running gear so I have no choice but to throw on mine as well. Having an accountability partner/gym buddy/etc. is a big help

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Remember The Past

It’s a simple fact that I always feel better after I workout or when I eat a super healthy meal. When I find motivation lacking I think back to those times when I wasn’t so active or perhaps splurged a bit too much.

Most recently this time for me was this past Thanksgiving. Z and I did a lot of traveling, which meant hours upon hours sitting in a car. Combine that with bigger than normal meals and a few too many treats and I found myself feeling sluggish, tired and overall drained of energy.


Not wanting to repeat that I try and stay as active as I can…even if that means a walk some days and not a run.

Focus On The Future

I try and think about an event on the horizon that a workout will help me with. This may be a 5K I’ve signed up for or a wedding I’m going to be in. Having a long term goal keeps me going.

Right now for me, it’s my December wedding.


Misery Loves Company

When I need a boost of motivation I turn to some of my favorite bloggers and read stories of the amazing workouts they had or how they in turn work to overcome their “not so great” motivation days.

Reading about what others are accomplishing (marathons, triathalons, days upon days of CrossFit) make me realize that I can find 20 minutes in my day to do something active.

Inspirational Quotes

My Pinterest board is entitled, “Fitness, Motivation and Words to Live By.” Along with workout ideas I pin really great images and sayings that I find while surfing the web. I’ve even gone so far as to print some out and hang them on the wall behind my computer. Here are some of my favorites:


One of my favorites:

I also came upon a fun site, Go there to get an instant virtual pep talk!


Once again, I wish I could say there’s a quick fix. There will be good days and bad days. Just know that every day is a chance to make a fresh start.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s the best way for YOU to stay motivated?

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